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 Cradle-Hands Shinning-Star , as a travel nursing on standby for every mom needs that in need of BabyCare.

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 Cradle-Hands is your #1 Baby Whisperer, with  Services includes sleep training, newborn care, and helping mom transitioning with  her baby.

What Does a Baby Nurse Do?

Cuddle baby, sleep trained, schedule feed

The Baby Nurse is your right hand for all your baby's needs, she keeps a log, so that you have a record of all activity, with your new born activities. And also do everything thing that's pertaining for just the baby.

Example (bath, feed, laundry, tidy room, walks if needed etc)

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Sleep Training & Sleep Scheduling


It's for your baby to have a great sleep schedule and sleep training. In which are great for your new born overall  growth and health, as part of the baby care.

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