Baby Nurse Services in the u.s & internationally

Available Day and night 24/7 with the U.S & Internationally



  • Taking care of baby, with feeding,  dressing , and diaper changing
  • Helping mom with Bath
  • Circumcision care daily until cured
  • If breastfeeding,  Bringing baby to mom then settles baby back down
  • Wash and sterilize of all bottles, and breast pump
  • Baby laundry  and clothes are kept clean and folded
  • Keeping baby room  stocked and tidy 
  • Making sure emptying diaper pails  
  • Swaddling  and Soothing
  • Sleep training
  • Input details into log of all activity with baby

Sleep Training



  • Do regular naps
  • Extinction or cry it out
  • Pick up, put down and shush pattern
  • Bedtime-routine fading
  • Bedtime-hour fading

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Sleep Scheduling



  • Setting your day including when baby first feed at 7 to 8 AM
  • Naps which be 1 to 3 hours long
  • Times awake between sleeps 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Longest Stretch of nighttime sleep 4 to 8 hours
  • Bedtime should be 7:30 to 8:30 PM

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Rates of services available upon request, and varies with length of time needed

As your baby whisperer along with anyone of my co-workers whom ever is ready to be booked will surely be here for all your needs, and put baby on the right track. Whether you are  looking for a baby nurse at night, or 24 hour live-in care, The baby nurse are here to help in anyway care is needed for your love one. If you choice to be in need of sleep training, baby scheduling, and care of your newborn, all of those services are 100% available for you.

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