New Born baby items for all Child Care needs.

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For all Child Care, Rates of services available upon request, and may vary depending on number of babies, shift, and location.

 Our  aim is to be your one stop, for everything baby. Whether you are  looking for a baby nurse at night, or 24 hour live-in care, Diana and  her team are here to provide the support and expertise you are looking  for. We are also available for sleep training, baby scheduling, and care of your newborn. If I am not available,  I will refer you to the right individual. Rest assured, any newborn specialist  referred to you, will be matched to your needs, and will be a qualified  professional. Most are highly experienced with multiples, preemies, as well as singletons. With over 19 years experience I have higher order multiples experience, having had the privilege of working  with quadruplets! 

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